'Park your e-bike while you venture out in the city.'

URBAN-HUB designs and manufactures Smart, 

Eco-friendly street furniture for Urban Spaces

Our goal is to develop solutions that enhance the quality of life for the City of Tomorrow. We offer assistance to public, semi-public or private organizations. Creating unique and innovative concepts using our specialized backgrounds in design and technology. 


Eco-Friendly materials

At URBAN HUB, we only use the best materials for our designs, keeping high quality and durability in mind. This is why we work with "RESYSTA": the bio-based alternative for wood that is made from food waste (rice peel) and is completely recyclable.

  • UV resistant

  • Long durability

  • Low maintenance

  • Cost-efficient

  • Recyclable


Great additional value

Our added value lies in understanding the current challenges that arise and use our creativity and technical skills to create fitting area-specific solutions that fit the identity of the public space. 

Inspired by nature

We take inspiration from the environment we live in: the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps and the Cities we live and work. This is why with our designs, we aim to bridge the gap between nature and contemporary urban culture.