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SOLAR B is the result of a global reflection on the need to place people and the environment at the center of the development of public spaces. 

The objective is to rely on strong values such as the use of renewable energies, the promotion of soft mobility, eco-responsibility and the integration of digital technology, to imagine a new generation of street furniture.



SOLAR B (bench) is a concept of modular street furniture with a base formed by the seat.

Elements such as inserts for parking and charging bikes, solar panels, work table and a folding backrest can be added to offer great adaptability.

URBAN SB (solar bench) is comfortable furniture and thanks to it's modularity meets the needs of the modern user. Lounge work, protection for the sun, night lighting, etc... The bench solar panels are oriented so that you will have the best possible energy input.

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SOLAR B, in its grid-connected version, guarantees charging availability for 3 electric bikes simultaneously and at the same time allow you to use all other functions.


It's power comes from the solar array attached at the top part of the bench. If this power is insufficient it will switch over to the grid.

SOLAR B in stand-alone version allows charhing of an electric bike and 4 smartphones, as well as the secure lighting.

This version has been deigned for countryside or mountain locations where a grid-connection is not directly available. The advantage of 100% solar is it's ease of installation.

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What's the difference between the CONNECTED bench and the FREE STANDING bench?

The main difference is the way the furniture is connected to the electricy network, or not.

Depending on the version the unit can charge bikes laptops and photos, or mainly small connected devices like phones and laptops.---

How much do the 2 bench versions cost?

Please contact us at or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you with the price list

What is included in the basic option?

Included in the PANORAMA DOME:

  • Wooden frame structure
  • Tent fabric, 1 door
  • Ventilation panels
  • Mosquito net
  • Ground sheet
  • 1 Canopy

Included in the PANORAMA TENT:

  • Wooden frame structure
  • Tent fabric, 2 doors
  • Ventilation panels
  • Mosquito net
  • Ground sheet
  • 1 Canopy

Can I add optional equipment and design options?

Yes, there are many different possibilities, we’ll be happy to assist you when choosing the options that better suit your needs.

What are the on-site requirements?

To install both the benches you need the following requirements:

  • Flat ground surface
  • Floor anchors
  • Electricity 230v (not compulsory if you don’t need light)

Product characteristics

What are the materials used?

PANORAMA DOME and PANORAMA TENT are designed with the same materials:

  • Tent fabric: PVC, 580 g/m2
  • Wooden frame: Birch plywood
  • Steel adjustable legs: Powder coated steel
  • Temperature: - 40°C / + 70°C
  • Fireproof: DIN4102; B1

What's the size of the bench?

Connected solar B bench:

  • Width: 200 cm
  • depth: 90 cm
  • Height: 260 cm
  • Surface: 1,8m2

What's the weight of the PANORAMA DOME and the PANORAMA TENT?


  • Tent fabric = 35kg

  • Ground foil = 25 kg

  • Wood = 250 kg

  • Steel parts = 50kg

  • tbc

Can the PANORAMA DOME and the PANORAMA TENT be used all year long? Do they resist to extreme weather conditions?

Yes. The PANORAMA DOME and the PANORAMA TENT were designed to resist to all weather conditions. We only use high quality materials that can resist from -40°C to +70°C. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about the weather! As we always keep comfort in mind, some options such as the stove or the winter insulation can be added to enjoy a perfect glamping experience.

How does the heating system work?

To be as comfortable as possible and enjoy cozy nights and days inside the PANORAMA DOME and the PANORAMA TENT, you can add a stove or/and a stove outlet. It is also possible to add a winter isolation which creates a natural air isolation between the canvas and the wooden structure.

How does the cooling system work?

The PANORAMA DOME and PANORAMA TENT are perfectly ventilated against heat with openings on both sides. For extreme heat environments, we can supply a cotton canvas instead of PVC to make it more breathable and keep the interior cooler.


Does it require a building permit?

As the PANORAMA DOME and PANORAMA TENT do not require to dig foundations, you should not need a building permit. Please be sure to check your local legislation.

Does my site need preparation before installation?

To be ready to install both the PANORAMA DOME and TENT you need the following on-site requirements:

  • Flat ground surface
  • Floor anchors
  • Electricity 230v (not compulsory if you don’t need light)
  • Water arrival (kitchen / toilet / shower)
  • Drainage (kitchen / toilet / shower)

Is it easy to build? Are specific skills or tools required to build it?

Our products are very easy to build. You only need 2 persons and a couple of hours. You do not need any specific skills or tools, but it surely helps to be someone with some manual skills.

If needed we are happy to assist with the installation for an extra charge.

Is it possible to move the tents once they are installed?

Once the tent is installed, you can easily dismantle it to move it to another place giving you maximum flexibility.

Maintenance & Warranty

Does it require a specific maintenance?

No specific maintenance is required. Our super strong canvas and premium wooden structure come with full warranty.

How long is the life expectancy?

The PANORAMA DOME and PANORAMA TENT were designed with highly resistant materials. Life expectancy is at least 10 years.

Is there a warranty for the SOLAR B benches?

We guarantee our products for 5 years.

Payment & Delivery

What payment options do you propose?

You can either buy, rent or lease the PANORAMA DOME or TENT. Please contact us and we will provide you with an exact quote!

In which countries do you deliver?


Is there any taxes, duties or customs charges?

All our products are shipped from the EU, VAT will be applied. Check your local legislation for custom charges in case you are ordering from outside the EU.

How long is the waiting time between purchase and delivery?

It takes about 6 weeks from the purchase to delivery. The waiting time can vary depending on the options and equipment chosen.

How is it delivered?

Our products are delivered dismantled on 1 or 2 pallets depending on the model and options chosen.